Even in Canada, outdoor natural ice isn’t possible year-round – but synthetic ice makes skating year-round possible and enjoyable!

OMNISport offers SmartRink synthetic ice, and the ProFast lineup is manufactured by the process of “sinter pressing”. That process allows for higher molecular weight than competitive extruded products can offer, which results in a better glide and a longer service life. (A study of an 18 mm thick ProFast 1800SG commercial surface with 3,000 skaters per week projected a 51 year lifespan!!) 

Customize your rink with game lines and goal creases, and make it a full arena experience!

Goal crease and lines on synthetic ice

Looking to add game lines and goal creases on your SmartRink ProFast synthetic ice rink? No problem!

CONTACT US today to learn more about how synthetic ice will better your skating ability, lengthen your skating season, and save you both money and time!


From your basement rink to your backyard to a full regulation size surface, OMNISport can help you get the most of the ice sports you love!

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