Artificial Turf

Felt, or turf?

Which would you rather have in your facility?

Artificial Turf is now made portable with the advent of Velcro seams. Multi-purpose centres and arenas can change flooring and get the most of the indoor facility. Multiple options ensure that you get the right Turf for your needs… with our dual-length pile providing the greatest degree of impact absorption and true field feel.

Portable Turf can be changed without a professional installation crew in less than 6 hours leaving the option to change any facility from season to season.

With the addition of a Turf Handler the installation and removal of the turf just got a whole lot easier. With a 10 foot solid steel rod that attaches to the tines of a lift truck, turf can be moved with greatest of ease.

Contact OMNISport for more information on Arificial Turf and Turf Handler.

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