Even in Canada, outdoor natural ice isn’t possible year-round… but synthetic ice makes skating year-round possible and enjoyable!

Conditioning can drop during the summer months, and make the beginning of the season more challenging.  For recreational facilities the operational costs of running the refrigeration plant are highest in the summer months – so why not save some money and look at a synthetic ice surface for your facility?

OMNISport offers SmartRink synthetic ice, which is the only product that we have found which meets our demand for quality… why would you settle for any less?

CONTACT US today to learn more about how synthetic ice will better your skating ability, lengthen your skating season, and save you both money and time!


ProLiteEdm  GoalCrease

From your basement rink to your backyard to a full regulation size surface, OMNISport can help you get the most of the ice sports you love!

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