Rink Divider Systems

Having trouble finding pratice ice time at the arena?

Thought about running two practices at the same time, or a practice while there is public or figure skating session?

TheĀ OMNISport Rink Divider is a divider that separates a rink into two or more individual ice surfaces while providing a safe and attractive barrier that can be quickly set up or removed between events.

OMNISport rink dividers will increase the effectiveness of practices as there is less time chasing stray pucks. Younger players can play the game rather than just skating up and down a huge surface. Allow up to three different groups in their own small rinks within the larger surface, increasing the number of users, and either reducing user costs or increasing facility revenue.

The systems are available with straight ends or double radiused corners, an attractive portable storage cart, and an access gate to allow movement between the surfaces. The interlocking frames are quickly set up or taken down by two people in less than 15 minutes.

For more information on how a OMNISport Rink Divider System can work in any facility, Contact us today.

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